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According to the Italian law, until May 15th 2021 all travels from the UE+ list of countries (including SWEDEN) are allowed.

In order to enter Italy, however, it is mandatory to:

- take a Covid-19 test (molecular/PCR or rapid/antigenic), performed within the 48 hours prior the entry in Italy. The test result must be negative;

- fill in a self-declaration;

- regardless of the test result, when arriving in Italy it is mandatory to stay under sanitary surveillance and in quarantine for a period of 5 days;

- at the end of the 5 days quarantine period, take a second PCR or antigenic test;

- inform the contagion prevention department at the local healthcare centre in Italy (ASL) about your arrival (visit COVID-19 Infoline)

With the decree "Circolare della Direzione Generale della Prevenzione" by the Ministry of Healthcare, a digital passenger localisation form will be introduced (Passenger Locator Form – PLF), that needs to be shown before boarding; this digital form will substitute the above mentionned self-declaration. For further details, visit the Ministry of Healthcare website.

Failing to present the test result (in Italian or English) implies a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days (but beware that many flying companies do not accept passengers without negative test result), with the obligation to inform the contagion prevention department of the local healthcare center in Italy (ASL) about your entry in the country.

Children younger than 2 years of age are exempt from providing PCR or antigenic test results.

A list of private healthcare centres that perform PCR or antigenic tests in Sweden, can be found at this link: Tests for travel certificates - The Public Health Agency of Sweden

The mandatory test result or the quarantine period (according to the situations) does not apply to the exemptions listed at the Ministry of Healthcare website: 

However, those exempted from mandatory test/quarantine must nevertheless inform the local healthcare authorities about their entry in Italy, should the temporal limits prescribed for the exemption be overpassed.

A Q&A section is also available for those travelling abroad or coming back to Italy, based on the current Italian legislation. This Q&A section is merely informative, has no legal value and the result does not guarantee the entry in Italy nor in other destination country.

In Italy, local measures of contagion prevention have been taken, for example the classification of the Italian Regions in different colours according to the risk factor (white, yellow, orange and red). To see the current classification, visit the Italian Government website.

Further information about specific rules applied in specific areas in Italy can be found on the FAQ section on the Italian Government website as well as on the website of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation .

Further restrictions that could complicate the entry regulations to Italy may follow those described above, due to the development of the pandemic emergency.