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According to the Italian law, from May 16th to October 25th 2021, all travels from the UE+ list of countries (including SWEDEN) are allowed.

In order to enter Italy, however, it is mandatory to:

1) register on the European Passenger Locator Form (dPLF) BEFORE entering Italy. Further information on how to fill the dPLF is available on the website of the Italian Minsitry of Health. Please note that, being a mandatory requirement by law, flying companies have the right to refuse boarding in case the dPLF is missing.

2) possess a EU Digital Covid Certificate (also if issued abroad), i.e. a negative result of a PCR or antigenic test performed within the 48 hours prior to the entry in Italy, OR documents proving vaccination OR documents proving the complete recovery from Covid-19 contagion. A person is considered vaccinated if he/she has completed the dosage cycle (with one of the vaccines approved by the EMA) since 14 days. The documents cited above must be in Italian, French, English or Spanish. Children under 6 years of age are exempted from the mandatory testing.

Digital EU Covid certificates from Sweden (EU:s digitala covidbevis) can be downloaded from this link  Vaccinations are registered within 7 days from the shot, while the digital certificate of recovery from Covid-19 infection can be requested to one's GP at least 11 days following the first positive test result (NAAT test type, like PCR). The test must have been performed by qualified sanitary staff and registered in the patient's journal. Antibody test are not valid. The validity of the recovery certificate is of 180 days from the first positive test result. Currently, recovery certificates for people younger than 16 years are not issued, as also for those who are not resident in Sweden.

For the certificate of negativity to Covid-19, it is necessary to contact an authorised clinic. A list can be found here.

The clinic will send the result of the test to the healthcare authority responsible for the issue of the digital certificate. The data will then be uploaded on the platform . Please refer to the clinic for further details regarding the time required to issue the certificate. This is needed to verify its validity in order to enter Italy or another country (in case of transit). 

In case you do not possess a Swedish digital identity, it is possible to request a substitutive certificate, digital or in paper form.

Failing to present one of the above-mentioned certificates implies a mandatory quarantine period of 5 days, at the end of which it is mandatory to take a Covid-19 test. It is also required to inform the contagion prevention department of the local healthcare center in Italy (ASL) about your entry in the country. Beware as well that many flying companies do not accept passengers without a negative test result.

The mandatory test result or the quarantine period (according to the situations) does not apply to the exemptions listed at the Ministry of Healthcare website.

Further information regarding current rules to enter Italy can be found at the web page 

A Q&A section is available for those travelling abroad or coming back to Italy, based on the current Italian legislation. This Q&A section is merely informative, has no legal value and the result does not guarantee the entry in Italy nor in other destination country.

In Italy, local measures of contagion prevention have been taken, for example the classification of the Italian Regions in different colours according to the risk factor (white, yellow, orange and red). To see the current classification, visit the Italian Government website).

Please note that, starting from August 6th 2021, it will be mandatory to exhibit a EU Digital Covid Certificate (one vaccine shot will also be accepted if 15 days have passed) in order to access to certain public events and places, such as restaurants, bars, museums etc. From September 1st, the EU digital Covid Certificate is required also for access public transportation between regions as well as for accessing school and university classes. The EU Digital Covid Certificates are valid for maximum 12 months, for the previously mentioned uses. These measures are in place for all people older than 12 years.

Further information about specific rules applied in specific areas in Italy can be found on the FAQ section on the Italian Government website as well as on the website of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Further restrictions that could complicate the entry regulations to Italy may follow those described above, due to the development of the pandemic emergency.