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Trade pattern with Italy


Trade pattern with Italy

Trade pattern with Italy

Sweden, even if it represents a relatively small economy, has a large opening to the international market. In fact, international market is the base of wealth in Sweden. During the last decades, an efficient institutional structure along with a proper banking system and an high domestic consumption, contributed to generate a positive business environment. In 2019, the value of goods and services exported from Sweden corresponds to the 46% of national GDP.
According to the trade pattern data 2018 between Italy and Sweden, the total value of export towards Sweden was 4.888.456.000 euro (+6.9% compared to 2017). The total value of imports in Italy was 4.210.822.000 euro, which also registered a 11.6% increase compared with the previous year. Hence, trade balance was positive in 2018 and amounted to 677.635 euro with a variation of the normalized balance of 7.4%.
Regarding export from Italy to Sweden, what remains crucial is Machinery and unclassified devices sector ( euro, roughly the same compared with 2017). Other main sectors are: Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (518.150.000 euro, +14.8% over 2017), Food products (407.516.000 euro, +3.5%) and Metallurgical products (330.437.000 euro, +12.2%). Among the minor sectors, relevant percentage changes have been registered in Basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations (234.985.000 euro, +51.2%), Other means of transport (143.000.000 euro, +69.7%) and Metal products (194.522.000 euro, -9.9%, excluded machines and equipment).
Concerning imports from Sweden to Italy the most important sectors continue to be Paper and paper products (781.290.000 euro, +12.6%), Metallurgical products (769.115.000 euro, +18.2%), Machinery and unclassified devices (638.325.000 euro, +14.9%) and Motor Vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (410.702.000 euro, -9.7%). Among the minor sectors, some stand out as for their percentage variation in relation to 2017, such as import of Furniture (75.480.000 euro, +186.5%) and Other means of transport (116.421.000 euro, +181.7%).

The Italian companies operating in Sweden, according to the latest available data of 2016 from Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis are 145, employing 5153 people. Most of them are commercial branches. Some Italian companies have dislocated in Sweden part of their production through a subsidiary or through the acquisition of a Swedish company. The major operations have been carried out by Barilla (food industry), Chemiplastica (thermosetting), Coesia Group (packaging of fluids), Danieli (manufacturing), FAAC (automation processes), Lucchini RS (rail), Gruppo LU-VE (refrigeration systems), MAPE S.p.A. (mechanics), Prysmian Spa (electrical systems), Ricchetti (tiles), Rino Mastrotto Group (tannery), Fassi Group (cargo handling), Enervit (dietary supplements), Falck Renewables (wind energy).

Some Italian companies have their own commercial branches, such as Ansaldo STS, Ferrero, FCA, Iveco, Luxottica, Safilo, Calzedonia, KIKO Milano, Boggi Milano, Prada.

Several Italian companies have shown interest in infrastructural projects regarding the Swedish railway, as the high speed East Link Project, handled by the Swedish Transport Administration. Among them are: Astaldi, Salini-Impregilo, Vianini Lavori, CMC and Mermec.

Swedish companies, according to the data of 2016, operating in Italy are more than 300 employing almost 36000 direct employers. The major ones are Ericsson (in Italy since 1918), (Astra Zeneca lo toglierei, siccome è britannica), Volvo, Sandvik, Autoliv, Phadia, ABB, Electrolux (acquired Zanussi in 1984), Alfa Laval, Gambro (med tech), SCA (paper industry), Tetra Pak (packaging), Atlas Copco (engineering projects), SKF (bearing systems), IKEA (furniture), H&M (clothing).

These data placed Sweden as 12th Italy’s trade partner among EU countries and in the 19th spot on global level.
By consulting the section dedicated to Sweden on infoMercatiEsteri, a website managed by the Italian MFA – with contributions from the ICE Agency, ENIT and Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad – it is possible to access updated data and studies on the Swedish economy and on the commercial relations with Italy. Besides, on the website it is possible to see a list of most of the Italian companies operating in Sweden. For further commercial requests it is possible to access the dedicated Nexus portal or contact the Embassy offices directly.