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Domande frequenti


Domande frequenti
The following information reflects the most commonly submitted queries which this Embassy receives.

Please be aware that the FAQ’s in English display information which is more commonly of interest to all people living in Sweden who need information on Italian matters, whereas the FAQ’s in Italian provide information which is commonly requested by Italian citizens living in Sweden or who intend to move to Sweden.

1. Moving to Italy
    1.1. Residency requirements
    1.2. Registering a vehicle
    1.3. Driving licence
    1.4. Purchasing a property

2. Italy: Holidays and Culture
    2.1. Swedish passport validity for traveling to Italy
    2.2. Luggage restrictions
    2.3. Tourist information
    2.4. Information on upcoming transportation strikes

1 Moving to Italy

The above mentioned page provides detailed information for Swedish nationals who intend on moving to Italy. We highly recommend that you consult it and contact the Swedish Embassy in Rome if you have further queries.

The Swedish Embassy is responsible for assisting Swedish nationals in Italy, whereas the Italian Embassy provides similar services to Italian citizens in Sweden. Moreover, for relevant information, you may also wish to visit the website ( of the European Union.

1.1 Residency requirements.
European Union nationals may reside in Italy for an indefinite period. No application is necessary through the Italian Consulate as E.U. citizens do not require a visa. A residence permit ("permesso di soggiorno") may be obtained directly from the police station ("Questura") in the area in which you intend to reside, and you would normally be requested to provide proof of your financial means or, where applicable, of your intended status (i.e.: student, employee, property owner, retired person or person of independent means). Non European Union nationals wishing to visit or reside in Italy are requested to contact the Visa Section of the Italian consulate of reference for the area in which they reside. You may find visa information on this website.The Italian consulate chancery in Sweden and the Honorary consulate, their full addresses and contact information can be found by consulting this website at the "The Embassy" section
1.2 Registering a vehicle.
The right to register a car in Italy applies to all European Union citizens who:

• have established a "residenza" in Italy (which means a residence in Italy for a period of at least 181 days per year);
• own a house/flat in Italy;
• have rented a house/flat for the past four years with a duly registered tenant agreement. 

Any European citizen (therefore including Swedish citizens) is free to buy motor vehicles and or motor scooters in any EU country. EU citizens who buy a new vehicle in Italy can apply for "EE" licence plates which allow circulation in Italy up to 6 months. If the vehicle is to remain in Italy, it should be registered with the public registry for motorvehicles (PRA, Pubblico Registro Automobilistico). In order to apply for registration the owner should give proof of residence or proof of "legal domicile" in Italy. In case you purchase and register a vehicle in Italy, you should check with local insurance companies concerning their requirements for insuring vehicles for the first time. It is compulsory that you get a Third Party cover, "responsabilità civile auto" insurance (also known as RCA). Full and comprehensive insurance (also know as kasko) is also available. More detailed information on these issues can be obtained from the website of ACI (Italian Automobile Association) (
1.3 Driving licence.
You may drive in Italy with your full and valid Swedish driving licence. When you drive in Italy you must always carry with you the original (not a photocopy) of the following documents:

• Driving licence;
• Passport or valid ID;
• Vehicle registration document;

If you are not in possession of the above documents in the event of a Police check, you are liable to a fine. EU driving licences need not be converted. EU citizens who decide to live in Italy can apply for a conversion of their driving license after having officially changed their residence to an Italian one.

1.4 Purchasing a property.
If you wish to purchase a property in Italy or make inquiries about property in Italy, we suggest you contact a solicitor in Italy.

2 Italy: Holidays and Culture

2.1 Swedish passport validity for traveling to Italy.
Foreigners may travel to Italy provided their Swedish passport is valid when they exit Italy (no minimum validity required). This applies to all EU passport-holders. If you have a non EU passport, please consult the website of the Italian Foreign Ministry ( to verify whether you need a visa to enter Italy.

2.2 Luggage restrictions.
For information on luggage restrictions for travelers to Italy, please consult the website of the Italian Customs Agency (

2.3 Tourist Information.
For tourist Information the best official source you can contact is the Italian Government Tourist Board: ENIT at the website (

2.4 Information on upcoming transportation strikes.
Visit the website of the Committee for the monitoring of strikes ( which provides lists of planned strikes in Italy relating to all sectors.