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The ”Dichiarazione di valore” is an official document in Italian language which summarizes the school history of a person who attended a foreign educational system.
It is an exclusively informative document and does not give any academic or professional recognition which, on the contrary, is only provided by the Italian authorities in Italy.
Those who are interested in obtaining such a document must either come personally to the Italian Embassy in Stockholm with the following documents or send them by registred mail:

- A filled out request (see forms) – requests that are incomplete or without return prepaid envelopes will not be taken into consideration.

- The original of the complete academic diploma issued by the University, with the “Apostille” issued by a Swedish Notarius Publicus who is authorized to legalize only the signature of the Chancellor (or his/her Vice) of the University.

- The translation into Italian of the Academic title made by an authorized translator ( to be legalized by the Consulate.

- The form “INTYG OM BEHÖRIGHET” (duly filled out by the competent Swedish University) for those who need to enrole in an Italian University.

- A copy of the first page of the passport ( where the birth place must be stated).

- If needed, a prepaid envelope to send back the documents.

For study reasons no payment is requested.
For any other reason a fee (which varies every trimester) must be paid in cash or by postväxel addressed to the Embassy of Italy, Oakhill Djurgården, Stockholm.
For more information please contact


Please send the original of your diploma/degree and be aware that the Apostille is intended to certify the signature of the Rector or Headmaster who has issued the diploma/degree.

 Form Request Dichiarazione di Valore
 Students with diploma - Gymnasiebetyg 
 Students with degree - Svenska universitetexamina
 Certification - Intyg
 Form B (modello B)
 Form C (modello C)
 Form D (modello D)