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Reacquisition of Italian citizenship

According to Italian law individuals born in Italy who automatically lost Italian citizenship by acquiring a foreign one before August 16th 1992 are eligible, under certain conditions, for reacquisition of Italian citizenship by establishing the residency in Italy for a period of up to one year. The application may be submitted directly at the Comune.
The Embassy is responsible for sending to the Comune the following documentation provided by the applicant:

  • Form “Scheda di rilevazione della naturalizzazione” filled out and signed;
  • proof of residency in the jurisdiction of this Consular Office (electricity bill or other utility or Personbevijs)
  • birth certificate;
  • marriage certificate and divorce decree if occurred prior to the naturalization (if they occurred in the Sweden);
  • copy of Italian passport (if available);
  • certificate of naturalization (original plus a photocopy);
  • foreign passport or valid photo ID;
  • RECEIPT OF PAYMENT of € 250 fee – As required by art. 14 D.L. 113 of October 4th 2018 there is a fee of € 250 to be paid by all applicants. The fee of € 250 must be paid through international bank transfer, following these guidelines:

D.L.C.I. – CITTADINANZA” Piazzale del Viminale, 00184 – ROMA (ITALIA)
IBAN CODE : IT54D0760103200000000809020
Eurogiro: PIBPITRA

Once the documents have been processed by the Consular Office:

  • you may apply at the Italian Embassy in Sweden and sign a declaration of intent to reacquire Italian citizenship.
    If your declaration is presented at the Consular Office, you will have to acquire residency in Italy, in your town of origin, within one year from the date of the declaration;
  • you may apply at the local City Hall (Comune) in Italy, in your town of origin, and sign a declaration of intent to reacquire the Italian citizenship.

No visa is necessary in case of the application for reacquiring the Italian citizenship. Once submitted to the Comune the processing takes less than 90 days, but as a foreign national you must comply with the following requirements:

  • as you enter Italy you must sign a Form (Dichiarazione di presenza) allowing you to be registered as a resident at the City Hall (Comune). The Forms are available at the Port of Entry or/and at the local Prefettura;
  • you must report to the City Hall (Comune) and obtain the “Iscrizione anagrafica”, in order to process reacquisition of citizenship during your stay in Italy.