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Healthcare in ITALY for Italian citizens registered in AIRE

Italian citizens residing in Sweden can request to Försäkringskassan an health card that allows URGENT assistance in the EU countries with which Italy has an agreement.

Please note that the Italian health card (blue in colour, the so-called “TEAM”) is issued by the competent ASL exclusively to citizens RESIDING IN ITALY.

In the event of a company transfer of an Italian employee, decided by the employer, the ASL (local health authority) issues the S1 form which allows you to take advantage of the health care system for the duration of the job in Sweden. The S1 form is also issued by the ASL to certain categories of Italian students for short-term study stays in Sweden.

According to the decree of the Minister of Health issued the 1st February 1996 regarding urgent hospital care provided by the National Healthcare System IN ITALY, urgent hospital services are provided free of charge to Italian citizens residing abroad, holders of pensions paid by Italian social security institutions or having the status of emigrant certified by the Italian consular office competent for the area if they do not have public or private health insurance. In this case, the access to the healthcare system must correspond to a maximum period of ninety days every single year.

The status of emigrant can and must be proven by means of a self-certification declaration to be presented to the competent ASL, with which the citizen self-certifies that:

A – they were born in Italy, they possess Italian citizenship, as well as reside abroad, indicating the Municipality of AIRE registration.


B – they were born abroad, they possess Italian citizenship and have resided in Italy, indicating the Municipality of registration in the Resident Population Registry (ANPR), as well as that they currently reside abroad and therefore are registered in the Registry of Italians residing abroad (AIRE).